Around The Clock Poker Helping Revenue in Canada Casino

Poker players do not sleep. They sometimes go hours, if not days. playing cards at the same table in the same casino. Operators have begun to catch on to that trend and are keeping casinos open all night.

One casino in Canada has seen their revenue increase thanks to a decision to keep their card room open twenty four hours a day. In essence, that means no time to sleep for the weary.

When tournaments are played, the cutoff time can sometimes be late into the night. In the WSOP in Las Vegas, play begins in the mid morning and can sometimes go until two or three A.M. the next day.

Century Casino and Hotel in Edmonton, Canada decided at the beginning of the last quarter of 2007 that going to around the clock poker could be beneficial. Their premonition has been correct so far.


Revenue numbers have been up since the casino has gone to twenty four hour poker. More people are going to the casino as well. The casino has also expanded their poker tables to nine. In addition to the tables, they also hold tournaments on Sunday and Thursday to try and attract the serious card players.

Fire at Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas Keeps Spectators Watching

Las Vegas always has a flair for the dramatic. Whether it be people screaming when they hit jackpots at the slot machines, or breathtaking performances by superstar celebrities in the hotels.

On Friday, one of the casino put on a performance it would soon like to forget. A fire broke out at the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas. Nobody was injured badly, but the flames did attract a crowd.

While employees and guests were evacuated from the building, onlookers watched as the fire raged. It was reported at about 11:00 A.M. this morning, and upon hearing the word, people rushed to get a glimpse of the fire from the streets outside of the hotel.

The top floor of the building received most of the damage. Typically, in Las Vegas casinos, the top floor is reserved for the pricier suites the hotel has to offer. The Monte Carlo has 211 penthouse suites to go along with their 3,000 rooms.

Welders had been working on the roof of the building. There has been no evidence, however, as to what caused the fire. Authorities are still investigating the causer. Most of the fire has been brought under control by fire departments in the County.


The Monte Carlo Resort was built in 1996.

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